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Operating System:   Win 98/ME, Win NT4.0, Win 2000, Win XP, WinCE, Linux Red Hat

Programming: Our system uses the same programming as a mouse does. This allows you to use software written for a mouse. No special programming is required.

Processor: 386 PC Compatible or higher


Hard Disk Drive: 3Mb of free space on your hard drive


CD-ROM or 3.5"(1.44Mb) floppy disk drive'

*CD-ROM standard, floppy by request

This hardware requirement is listed for driver installation purposes only. Alternately, you may download the drivers from our website, obviating the need for a drive.

Memory: Less than 1Mb required (14Kb) available resident memory


Monitor: SVGA monitor or better
(basic requirement for kits)

Under Windows the controller will detect your video settings automatically. Under DOS, you must have the parameters of your video card

Keyboard: operating at 4~6 VDC
(not required after installation)

Keyboard: The keyboard port is only required for use as a power source with our serial (DB9) based controllers. Our USB controllers don't require a keyboard port, they are powered by their respective communication ports.

Video: SVGA version 1.2 video card or higher


Serial (DB9) or a USB Port


A mouse is not required, however, If you're currently using a mouse, the EZScreen is proven to work well with an MS mouse, a Genius mouse and most other "CLONE" mice which operate with MS standard drivers

Under Windows you are limited to one driver for your pointing device.

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