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A partial history of our custom projects is illustrated herein. Many of these projects have been utilized in high-profile national / international exhibitions and deployments.
Don't hesitate to spur us onwards and upwards with your imaginative input.  We live to be challenged!

72" Diagonal Close-Coupled Rear Projection Floating Image Utilizing ESP Rear Projection Film and Wavelength Series "A" Touch Frame. Featured in "The Store of the Future" in the 2008 National Retail Federation Show in NYC

Version 1, Geometrically Reform Image on Pat.-Pending Immersive Rear Projection Dome. Rx190 Touch PC

60" Diag. Geometrically-Reformed Curved Rear  
Projected-Capacitive Touch Screen 

"Lecture Hall 70"
Vertically Adjustable Rear Projection Touch Screen and Projector Mount. Slide in Slide Out Anyview� or Opticlear� Projection Screens. Touch Screen and Projection Films Assembly Mounted on Tempered Glass. The Internally Counterbalanced Assembly (90 lbs) Slides Up and Down Effortlessly on Precision Linear Rail Bearing Assemblies and Stays in Place at the Desired Height.
"3-Dome�" Version 3
Star of the 2008 "Store of the Future" exhibit at the "National Retail Federation" Show  in NYC. Harmon Karman Sound System. Knock-Down Transportability.
46" Diagonal Sunlight Viewable Display That Automatically Articulates To Viewer's Optimum Viewing Height

Panel Mount Kiosk with Webcam, Mike, Laser Projection Keyboard, Motion Sensors, Air Sampling and Broadcast System

Polished Brass Housing Version of the "Aero"

Emergency Field Deployable and  Hardened, IP65 Voting Kiosk. Fingerprint ID, Smartcard and Viewable Printed Voting Record and Integrated Folding Mount..

22" Diagonal Widescreen (16:10) Free-Standing Touch Screen Kiosk

46" Diagonal Sunlight Viewable Display That Automatically Articulates To Viewer's Optimum Viewing Height

"Concierge 37"
37" Diag. Touch Screen Display "All-In-One" Mounted On Curved-Steel Floor Housing w/Printer. Teak Veneer Desktop w/Print Outlet.


"Bridal Registry"
18" RxKiosk Mounted on Red Oak Cabinetry with Marble, Stainless Steel and Brass Surfaces. "Dancing" Foam Core Graphic Elements Supported with Positive Air Stream 

"VIP 18"
18" All-in-One RxKiosk. Nickel Plated Stainless Steel Housing. Integrated Webcam, Mike and Infrared I/O

"Custom Keyboard"
Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard/Touchpad Mounted in Mahogany Case with Polished Brass Surround

"Aero 15"
15" Diagonal "All-In-One" RxKiosk� w/Integrated Webcam and Mike. Machined Aluminum Bezel.

Version 2, Geometrically Reform Image on Patent-Pending Immersive Rear Projection Dome with RxKiosk� Rx190 Touch PC Controller Panel

"Passive 47"
Outdoor Kiosk w/Integrated Passive Cooling & Heating Functionality

Mahogany veneer insert behind polycarbonate housing. Top and bottom trim of satin finished aluminum.

Rx150 with Charcoal tinted polycarbonate narrow edged housing on adjustable angle SST desktop/wallmount base.

"COMDEX Farewell"
RX180 with webcam, hi-fidelity speaker system, mike, mahogany wrap-around housing, IR window

"RX190-Aero Edition"
This Unit Controls Security, Communications and Lighting Throughout  the US Capitol Complex. Click On the Picture or Here for Details.

"Custom Graphics"
Attention grabbing graphics package for the RX190 "Aero Edition"

"Prototype RX190 Aero"
Before it became a production unit that powers the US capital complex.






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