Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why an ezscreen touchscreen?

A. The EZScreen touchscreen provides a DIRECT connection
between the computer and your monitor. It eliminates
much of the frustration associated with traditional
mice and keyboards.

Q. My child has learning difficulties, how can ezscreen help?

A. In over 40,000 classrooms throughout the world
studies have proven that a touchscreen greatly increases the childs
concentration span.

Q. I have arthritic problems, how can a touchscreen help me?

A. With the EZscreen, you just touch the screen to perform
commands. Traditional mice, trackballs and keyboards
require dexterity which may be difficult or impossible for

Q. I'm physically handicapped, how can ezscreen make my life easier?

A. The EZscreen works by touching the screen. Whether the touch is by finger or a stylus.

Q. I like my mouse, but want to provide other users of my computer the
convenience of the
ezscreen. Will it still work if I have the
touchscreen installed?

A. ABSOLUTELY....the EZscreen touchscreen will not impede
your use of an MS or Genius serial mouse. Our interface allows
simultaneous use of both the touchscreen and the more traditional
"clone"mouse as well as some others.

Q. I own a business with several users on a network, will the ezscreen work with my system?

A. YES, The ezscreen touchscreen works invisibly, allowing you to add it on to one,
a few or all networked computers. Your networking capability will not be
compromised at all. The touchscreen driver acts exactly like the
input from a mouse.

Q. How about the warranty?

A. ezscreen has one of the most comprehensive warranties available.

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