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The ezscreen touchscreen concept has proven itself in thousands of classrooms around the world. Touchscreens maintain student's attention better than traditional computer interfaces because it's intuitive. Without the added burden of learning how to interface with a mouse, the child can now concentrate on the material being presented.
You owe it to your child to help them become a part of computing with this simple to use yet inexpensive tool.
RxKiosk™: A complete touch-enabled multimedia computer system. The entire system is enclosed in one small case so there are no wires dangling. Just plug it in and its up and running.

Ideal for special education classrooms. The clear Lexan cover allows the instructor to restrict access to the drives and also allows the students and teachers to customize the way the computer looks.

Using our template, clings or student artwork provides a personalized look, making the system user-friendly.

Special discounts for schools.


Universally accessible computing for the classroom is now truly affordable! A touchmonitor allows you to replace hundreds of special learning tools with one inexpensive general computer accessibility tool. Its a special ed. tool and its an advanced multimedia training/production device. It's the Swiss Army Knife of education.

ezscreen has a full range of touchscreen products to meet your needs and offers very special discounts to school systems. Please send your requirements to sales@ezscreen.com


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