The touch screen is an ideal replacement for the keyboard in industrial
environments. It operates equally well with the bare or gloved hand. Our
touch screens are activated by pressure providing you with the fullest A.D.A.
(Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. Unlike keyboards which are easily contaminated by airborne particulates, the touch screen is easily wiped clean using ordinary glass cleaners.

We have touch screen kits for LCD displays (laptop & standalone) from 0.5" to 150" diagonal as well as complete Plug-N-Play Touch monitors and our exclusive "all-in-one" pc solution the RxKiosk®.

The use of a touch screen also allows you to control the options available to the user.
For ISO manufacturers, you can now be assured that only the menued items can be accessed, guaranteeing certifiable quality compliance.

We can provide a touch screen interface solution for any screen size up to 150"
diagonal and you'll be surprised by the low cost of custom and semi-custom
touch input solutions.

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