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Product Features

Ezscreen 4-wire resistive standards

Ezscreen 5-wire resistive standards

Resistive Technology
Our touch panel is based on dependable resistive technology.
The touch surface is laminated with the highest quality polyester resistive material
and a scratch-resistant cover available. 

Our  small, unobtrusive controllers don't require any adapters
or battery packs). It also provides a mouse port so you sacrifice nothing. We offer both
 serial controller and USB controllers

High Resolution
12 bit ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) to
obtain 4096X4096 pixel resolution. This means that it is
extremely accurate and capable of working with all
display sizes (which are user configurable).

Sampling Rate
The effective rate of sampling rate is 600 times per second.
Automatic Detection
The EZscreen software will auto-detect the port connection. No guesswork.
We use an SMD multilayered board to eliminate signal noise,
creating an extremely stable cursor.

Automatic Mode Calibration
EZscreen drivers automatically change the calibration setup
when you select a different display mode.

User Friendly
Our menu driven setup program makes installing the EZscreen
and configuring its sensitivity and accuracy a SNAP! Our system provides
a control panel where you can select different modes of touch as well as

sound feedback.

Technical Specifications

Screen Hardness: 3H 
Transparency: 87.5%
Resolution: 4096X4096 pixels
Activation Force: Approximately 15g to 150g.
Interface: PC Serial Port (DB9l)  or USB
Communications Speed: 110 to 38,400 Baud

Accuracy: 99%+
Life-Span: Minimum of 3 Million Touches
Voltage Input: 4-6Volts DC
Voltage Use: less than 60ma (including mouse)
Operational Temperature: 0-60 degrees Celsius
Operational Humidity: 0-95% RH (NEMA ratings available)
FCC Compliance: CE and Class B Compliant

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