Installing ezscreen kits for LCDs

Steps to integrating ezscreen part no. EZ151-ng with a 15.1" LCD Monitor

Mvc-019f.jpg (28519 bytes)Remove the monitor base (4 machine screws located on rear )

Mvc-001f.jpg (30696 bytes)Mount the touchscreen sensor on top of the display panel. Only the active area (clear) of the sensor should be over the active display screen area. Inactive area of the touchscreen sensor is identified by the metallic sensor circuit tracing and black vinyl foam spacer tape (not shown in photo) along the outer edges. Properly oriented, the flexible printed circuit ribbon of the sensor panel ( 4-pin .100" molex connector at its end) will be located at the bottom of the display screen extending towards the center of same.

Mvc-005f.jpg (51447 bytes)Remove the housing cover (4 panhead screws) from the Ezscreen controller box (v4.3) and disengage the wire female plug from the board.   

Mvc-007f.jpg (30343 bytes) (Note: Particular features of this display required the use of an extension cable. This isn't normally required or supplied with the standard kit.) Attach the male end of the 4-wire extension into the female receptacle on the sensor panel's printed circuit ribbon tail. Orient the color coded tracer wire (red) so that it is on the bottom. Wrap the connection with tape (we suggest cellophane tape, if using vinyl tape be sure not to stretch it which would cause it to un-wrap over time)  to assure that the connection will not pull loose easily or ground-out on surrounding metal surfaces.

Mvc-008f.jpg (48372 bytes)Attach the 4-pin wire (removed opposite end from controller box) to the the wire extension(wire extension not supplied with normal kit)  oriented as shown. Wrap a loop of tape around the connection (encapsulating it) to ensure integrity of the connection.

Mvc-009f.jpg (45300 bytes)Bend the connections as shown. Never crimp or twist these printed circuits. The four-wire extension cable, however, is quite capable of withstanding crimping, folding and twisting.

Mvc-010f.jpg (44220 bytes)Tuck the printed circuit connection into the mounting tray

Mvc-011f.jpg (42103 bytes)Connect the touchscreen ground wire to the display's left-bottom pan head mounting screw.

Mvc-015f.jpg (31110 bytes)Orient the encapsulated 4-pin connection so that it rests atop the ground wire. The 4-pin cable will now feed easily in the pan area just beneath the display panel.

Mvc-006f.jpg (40431 bytes)Remove the hole grommet (located beneath the monitor's control board) and then feed the end of the 4-pin cable wire through (connects to the EZscreen Controller box). Replace the hole grommet.

Mvc-012f.jpg (30655 bytes)Locate and then drill back cover for the wire-exit grommet (supplied). Our hole selection location exits the wire on the bottom of the back cover, near the panel's base mounting area within the grid of ventilation holes.

Mvc-013f.jpg (28760 bytes)After cleaning (vacuuming)  the rear housing, exit the wire through the newly drilled hole. Insert the wire-exit grommet and pull the wire through so as to tightly engage the wire mold. Optionally, you may attach a cable tie to the interior section of the wire mold and grommet to assure integrity. Attach the rear housing using the original 5 pan-head screws

Mvc-014f.jpg (61534 bytes)Re-attach the 5-wire connection to the Ezscreen controller. Replace the housing using the original 4 pan-head screws.

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